Wood/ Metel Almirah 6.5 FT with Dressing

Rent: Rs. 499 / 11 Month … Read More

New 5 Sheeter Sofa with Centre Table

Rent: Rs. 1099 / 11 Month … Read More

Wood/ Metel Almirah 5.5 FT

Rent: Rs. 399 / 11 Month … Read More

Single 6*3 Matress

Rent: Rs. 149 / 11 Month … Read More

Double Bed with Box

Rent: Rs. 599 / 11 Month … Read More

Single Bed With Box

Rent: Rs. 299 /11 Month … Read More

Double Bed without Box

Rent: Rs. 299 / 11 Month … Read More

Single Bed without Box

Rent: Rs. 149 /3Month … Read More

Desert Cooler 4 Ft

Rent: Rs. 799/ Month … Read More

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