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About Our Company

A team who is drunk on the idea that living light is living right. We know how difficult it is for professionals and students to adjust in a new city, rest of all, find the time and patience for buying furniture, appliances and lifestyle needs. So here we are, bringing you all these under one roof – rentguru! Think ahead on the go. It’s rentguru!

What We Do ?

We simplify. Need to furnish your flat with a limited budget? Want a professional camera for few weeks? Planning for a for a road trip with friends? You know you can always lean on us. We rent out lifestyle goods based on your needs for the duration of time you want, at the place you are without any hassles and long, tiring procedures. So now, travel light and live to the fullest.

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Home Appliance

Open your doors to freshness, whether its fruits,vegetables or that pizza you kept three days ago.

Vase flower


Furnishing a home is no different than going into the studio and making music. You want to make sure you pared down all the extra details so that in the end, every stitch has a context uniquely yours.



This summer, get best of the coolers for your home.


Hot Rentals


Single Battery Inverter

Rent: Rs. 649/ 11 Month


Window AC 1.5 kva

Rent: Rs. 6499 /Season